What can we do for your?

LTD solution Co.,Ltd is a Thailand solution service company.

We can help your solve the trade, logistics and Just In Time Delivery problems.

Now many oversea company want to sell their product to Thailand market.But they meet some problems such as:can not register their own trading company, can not find local logistic company to support Just In Time delivery and manage the inventory, can not find sales agency to help them sell product in Thailand market and support after sales service,  can not find Thailand customer.


LTD solution Co.,Ltd can help your solve all those problems.


How can we solve those trade and logistic problems?


1,We have ourself logistic company to  solve the shipping problem.

2,We have ourself trading company to  solve the customs clearance and tax problem.

3,We have ourself general and bonded warehouse to  keep and manage stocks.

4,We have ourself truck to solve Just In Time delivery and Milk Run problem.

5,We have ourself Quality Control team to inspect and repack product in warehouse.

6,We have ourself sales  team to  research Thailand market and find customer. 

​7,We have ourself workshop to assembly parts and then delivery finished product.

8,We have ourself manpower supply company to support manpower service.


How about our service price ?

Our service price is cheaper than yourself do it.


How about our payment term?

Our payment term is after your got money from customer.


If your have any question, pls feel free to contact us.



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